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2020 Yankees Regular Season Schedule - Shortened 60 Game Season - Credit: ESPN.COM

Thu, Jul 23 7:00 PM
Sat, Jul 25 7:15 PM
Sun, Jul 26 1:05 PM
Mon, Jul 27 7:05 PM
Tue, Jul 28 6:05 PM
Wed, Jul 29 7:00 PM
Thu, Jul 30 7:00 PM
Fri, Jul 31 7:00 PM
Sat, Aug 1 7:15 PM
Sun, Aug 2 7:00 PM
Mon, Aug 3 7:05 PM
Tue, Aug 4 7:05 PM
Wed, Aug 5 7:05 PM
Thu, Aug 6 6:40 PM
Fri, Aug 7 6:40 PM
Sat, Aug 8 6:40 PM
Sun, Aug 9 1:10 PM
Tue, Aug 11 7:00 PM
Wed, Aug 12 7:05 PM
Fri, Aug 14 7:05 PM
Sat, Aug 15 7:15 PM
Sun, Aug 16 7:00 PM
Mon, Aug 17 7:05 PM
Tue, Aug 18 7:05 PM
Wed, Aug 19 7:05 PM
Thu, Aug 20 1:05 PM
Fri, Aug 21 7:00 PM
Sat, Aug 22 7:10 PM
Sun, Aug 23 1:10 PM
Tue, Aug 25 7:10 PM
Wed, Aug 26 7:10 PM
Fri, Aug 28 7:05 PM
Sat, Aug 29 1:05 PM
Sun, Aug 30 1:05 PM
Mon, Aug 31 7:05 PM
Tue, Sep 1 7:05 PM
Wed, Sep 2 7:05 PM
Fri, Sep 4 7:05 PM
Sat, Sep 5 7:05 PM
Sun, Sep 6 1:05 PM
Mon, Sep 7 6:37 PM
Tue, Sep 8 6:37 PM
Wed, Sep 9 6:37 PM
Thu, Sep 10 7:05 PM
Fri, Sep 11 7:05 PM
Sat, Sep 12 1:05 PM
Sun, Sep 13 1:05 PM
Tue, Sep 15 7:05 PM
Wed, Sep 16 7:05 PM
Thu, Sep 17 7:05 PM
Fri, Sep 18 7:30 PM
Sat, Sep 19 7:30 PM
Sun, Sep 20 1:35 PM
Mon, Sep 21 6:37 PM
Tue, Sep 22 6:37 PM
Wed, Sep 23 6:37 PM
Thu, Sep 24 6:37 PM
Fri, Sep 25 7:05 PM
Sat, Sep 26 1:05 PM
Sun, Sep 27 3:05 PM


2019 Yankees Regular Season Schedule - Credit: USA Today

Thursday, March 28th vs.Baltimore 1:05PM ET
Saturday, March 30th vs.Baltimore 1:05PM ET
Sunday, March 31st vs.Baltimore 1:05PM ET
Monday, April 1st vs.Detroit 6:35PM ET
Tuesday, April 2nd vs.Detroit 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, April 3rd vs.Detroit 4:05PM ET
Thursday, April 4th @Baltimore 3:05PM ET
Saturday, April 6th @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Sunday, April 7th @Baltimore 1:05PM ET
Monday, April 8th @Houston 7:10PM ET
Tuesday, April 9th @Houston 8:10PM ET
Wednesday, April 10th @Houston 7:40PM ET
Friday, April 12th vs.Chicago 7:05PM ET
Saturday, April 13th vs.Chicago 1:05PM ET
Sunday, April 14th vs.Chicago 1:05PM ET
Tuesday, April 16th vs.Boston 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, April 17th vs.Boston 6:35PM ET
Thursday, April 18th vs.Kansas City 6:35PM ET
Friday, April 19th vs.Kansas City 7:05PM ET
Saturday, April 20th vs.Kansas City 1:05PM ET
Sunday, April 21st vs.Kansas City 1:05PM ET
Monday, April 22nd @Los Angeles 10:07PM ET
Tuesday, April 23rd @Los Angeles 10:07PM ET
Wednesday, April 24th @Los Angeles 10:07PM ET
Thursday, April 25th @Los Angeles 9:07PM ET
Friday, April 26th @San Francisco 10:15PM ET
Saturday, April 27th @San Francisco 4:05PM ET
Sunday, April 28th @San Francisco 4:05PM ET
Tuesday, April 30th @Arizona 9:40PM ET
Wednesday, May 1st @Arizona 3:40PM ET
Friday, May 3rd vs.Minnesota 7:05PM ET
Saturday, May 4th vs.Minnesota 1:05PM ET
Sunday, May 5th vs.Minnesota 1:05PM ET
Monday, May 6th vs.Seattle 6:35PM ET
Tuesday, May 7th vs.Seattle 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, May 8th vs.Seattle 6:35PM ET
Thursday, May 9th vs.Seattle 6:35PM ET
Friday, May 10th @Tampa Bay 7:10PM ET
Saturday, May 11th @Tampa Bay 6:10PM ET
Sunday, May 12th @Tampa Bay 1:10PM ET
Monday, May 13th vs.Baltimore 6:35PM ET
Tuesday, May 14th vs.Baltimore 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, May 15th vs.Baltimore 6:35PM ET
Friday, May 17th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Saturday, May 18th vs.Tampa Bay 1:05PM ET
Sunday, May 19th vs.Tampa Bay 1:05PM ET
Monday, May 20th @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, May 21st @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, May 22nd @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Thursday, May 23rd @Baltimore 12:35PM ET
Friday, May 24th @Kansas City 8:15PM ET
Saturday, May 25th @Kansas City 2:15PM ET
Sunday, May 26th @Kansas City 2:15PM ET
Monday, May 27th vs.San Diego 1:05PM ET
Tuesday, May 28th vs.San Diego 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, May 29th vs.San Diego 1:05PM ET
Thursday, May 30th vs.Boston 7:05PM ET
Friday, May 31st vs.Boston 7:05PM ET
Saturday, June 1st vs.Boston 7:15PM ET
Sunday, June 2nd vs.Boston 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, June 4th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Wednesday, June 5th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Thursday, June 6th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Friday, June 7th @Cleveland 7:10PM ET
Saturday, June 8th @Cleveland 4:10PM ET
Sunday, June 9th @Cleveland 1:10PM ET
Monday, June 10th vs.New York 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, June 11th vs.New York 7:05PM ET
Thursday, June 13th @Chicago 8:10PM ET
Friday, June 14th @Chicago 8:10PM ET
Saturday, June 15th @Chicago 7:10PM ET
Sunday, June 16th @Chicago 2:10PM ET
Monday, June 17th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, June 18th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, June 19th vs.Tampa Bay 1:05PM ET
Thursday, June 20th vs.Houston 7:05PM ET
Friday, June 21st vs.Houston 7:05PM ET
Saturday, June 22nd vs.Houston 7:15PM ET
Sunday, June 23rd vs.Houston 2:05PM ET
Monday, June 24th vs.Toronto 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, June 25th vs.Toronto 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, June 26th vs.Toronto 1:05PM ET
Saturday, June 29th @Boston 1:10PM ET
Sunday, June 30th @Boston 10:10AM ET
Tuesday, July 2nd @New York 7:10PM ET
Wednesday, July 3rd @New York 7:10PM ET
Thursday, July 4th @Tampa Bay 5:10PM ET
Friday, July 5th @Tampa Bay 7:10PM ET
Saturday, July 6th @Tampa Bay 4:10PM ET
Sunday, July 7th @Tampa Bay 1:10PM ET
Friday, July 12th vs.Toronto 7:05PM ET
Saturday, July 13th vs.Toronto 1:05PM ET
Sunday, July 14th vs.Toronto 1:05PM ET
Monday, July 15th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, July 16th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, July 17th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Thursday, July 18th vs.Tampa Bay 7:05PM ET
Friday, July 19th vs.Colorado 7:05PM ET
Saturday, July 20th vs.Colorado 1:05PM ET
Sunday, July 21st vs.Colorado 1:05PM ET
Monday, July 22nd @Minnesota 8:10PM ET
Tuesday, July 23rd @Minnesota 8:10PM ET
Wednesday, July 24th @Minnesota 8:10PM ET
Thursday, July 25th @Boston 7:10PM ET
Friday, July 26th @Boston 7:10PM ET
Saturday, July 27th @Boston 4:05PM ET
Sunday, July 28th @Boston 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, July 30th vs.Arizona 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, July 31st vs.Arizona 1:05PM ET
Friday, August 2nd vs.Boston 7:05PM ET
Saturday, August 3rd vs.Boston 4:05PM ET
Sunday, August 4th vs.Boston 7:05PM ET
Monday, August 5th @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, August 6th @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, August 7th @Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Thursday, August 8th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Friday, August 9th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Saturday, August 10th @Toronto 3:07PM ET
Sunday, August 11th @Toronto 1:07PM ET
Monday, August 12th vs.Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Tuesday, August 13th vs.Baltimore 7:05PM ET
Wednesday, August 14th vs.Baltimore 1:05PM ET
Thursday, August 15th vs.Cleveland 7:05PM ET
Friday, August 16th vs.Cleveland 7:05PM ET
Saturday, August 17th vs.Cleveland 1:05PM ET
Sunday, August 18th vs.Cleveland 1:05PM ET
Tuesday, August 20th @Oakland 10:07PM ET
Wednesday, August 21st @Oakland 10:07PM ET
Thursday, August 22nd @Oakland 9:37PM ET
Friday, August 23rd @Los Angeles 10:10PM ET
Saturday, August 24th @Los Angeles 4:05PM ET
Sunday, August 25th @Los Angeles 7:05PM ET
Monday, August 26th @Seattle 10:10PM ET
Tuesday, August 27th @Seattle 10:10PM ET
Wednesday, August 28th @Seattle 4:10PM ET
Friday, August 30th vs.Oakland 7:05PM ET
Saturday, August 31st vs.Oakland 1:05PM ET
Sunday, September 1st vs.Oakland 1:05PM ET
Monday, September 2nd vs.Texas 1:05PM ET
Tuesday, September 3rd vs.Texas 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, September 4th vs.Texas 6:35PM ET
Friday, September 6th @Boston 7:10PM ET
Saturday, September 7th @Boston 4:05PM ET
Sunday, September 8th @Boston 8:05PM ET
Monday, September 9th @Boston 7:10PM ET
Tuesday, September 10th @Detroit 6:40PM ET
Wednesday, September 11th @Detroit 6:40PM ET
Thursday, September 12th @Detroit 1:10PM ET
Friday, September 13th @Toronto 7:07PM ET
Saturday, September 14th @Toronto 3:07PM ET
Sunday, September 15th @Toronto 1:07PM ET
Tuesday, September 17th vs.Los Angeles 6:35PM ET
Wednesday, September 18th vs.Los Angeles 6:35PM ET
Thursday, September 19th vs.Los Angeles 6:35PM ET
Friday, September 20th vs.Toronto 7:05PM ET
Saturday, September 21st vs.Toronto 1:05PM ET
Sunday, September 22nd vs.Toronto 1:05PM ET
Tuesday, September 24th @Tampa Bay 7:10PM ET
Wednesday, September 25th @Tampa Bay 7:10PM ET
Friday, September 27th @Texas 8:05PM ET
Saturday, September 28th @Texas 8:05PM ET
Sunday, September 29th @Texas 3:05PM ET

New York Yankees 2018 Schedule - Credit:


New York Yankees 2017 Schedule - Credit:

New York Yankees 2016 Schedule

Date Opponent Time Broadcast
Mon, 4/4 Astros 1:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Wed, 4/6 Astros 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/7 Astros 4:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/8 at Tigers 1:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/9 at Tigers 1:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 4/10 at Tigers 8:10p ESPN, MLB.TV
Tue, 4/12 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/13 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/14 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/15 Mariners 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/16 Mariners 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 4/17 Mariners 1:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 4/19 Athletics 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/20 Athletics 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/21 Athletics 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/22 Rays 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/23 Rays 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 4/24 Rays 1:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 4/25 at Rangers 8:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 4/26 at Rangers 8:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/27 at Rangers 8:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/29 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/30 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/1 at Red Sox 8:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Tue, 5/3 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/4 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/5 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/6 Red Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/7 Red Sox 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/8 Red Sox 8:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Mon, 5/9 Royals 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/10 Royals 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/11 Royals 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/12 Royals 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/13 White Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/14 White Sox 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/15 White Sox 1:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 5/16 at D-backs 9:40p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/17 at D-backs 9:40p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/18 at D-backs 9:40p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/19 at Athletics 10:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/20 at Athletics 9:35p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/21 at Athletics 4:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/22 at Athletics 4:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/24 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/25 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/26 Blue Jays 4:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/27 at Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/28 at Rays 4:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/29 at Rays 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 5/30 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/31 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/1 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/3 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/4 at Orioles 7:15p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 6/5 at Orioles 1:35p MLB.TV
Mon, 6/6 Angels 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/7 Angels 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/8 Angels 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 6/9 Angels 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/10 Tigers 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/11 Tigers 7:15p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 6/12 Tigers 2:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/14 at Rockies 8:40p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/15 at Rockies 3:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 6/16 at Twins 8:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/17 at Twins 8:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/18 at Twins 2:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 6/19 at Twins 2:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/21 Rockies 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/22 Rockies 1:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/24 Twins 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/25 Twins 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 6/26 Twins 1:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 6/27 Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/28 Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/29 Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 6/30 Rangers 1:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/1 at Padres 10:40p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/2 at Padres 10:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/3 at Padres 4:40p MLB.TV
Mon, 7/4 at White Sox 2:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/5 at White Sox 8:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/6 at White Sox 8:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 7/7 at Indians 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/8 at Indians 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/9 at Indians 4:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/10 at Indians 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/15 Red Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/16 Red Sox 4:05p FS1, MLB.TV
Sun, 7/17 Red Sox 8:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Mon, 7/18 Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/19 Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/20 Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 7/21 Orioles 1:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/22 Giants 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/23 Giants 4:05p FS1, MLB.TV
Sun, 7/24 Giants TBD MLB.TV
Mon, 7/25 at Astros 8:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/26 at Astros 8:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/27 at Astros 8:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/29 at Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/30 at Rays 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/31 at Rays 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/1 at Mets 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/2 at Mets 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/3 Mets 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 8/4 Mets 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/5 Indians 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/6 Indians 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/7 Indians 1:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/9 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/10 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 8/11 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/12 Rays 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/13 Rays 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/14 Rays 1:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/15 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/16 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/17 Blue Jays 1:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/19 at Angels 10:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/20 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/21 at Angels TBD MLB.TV
Mon, 8/22 at Mariners 10:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/23 at Mariners 10:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/24 at Mariners 3:40p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/26 Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/27 Orioles 1:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/28 Orioles TBD MLB.TV
Mon, 8/29 at Royals 8:15p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/30 at Royals 8:15p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/31 at Royals 8:15p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/2 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/3 at Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 9/4 at Orioles 1:35p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/5 Blue Jays 1:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/6 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/7 Blue Jays 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/8 Rays 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/9 Rays 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/10 Rays TBD FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 9/11 Rays 1:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/12 Dodgers 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/13 Dodgers 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/14 Dodgers 4:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/15 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/16 at Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/17 at Red Sox 1:05p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 9/18 at Red Sox TBD MLB.TV
Tue, 9/20 at Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/21 at Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/22 at Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/23 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/24 at Blue Jays 1:07p MLB.TV
Sun, 9/25 at Blue Jays 1:07p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/26 at Blue Jays 7:07p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/27 Red Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/28 Red Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/29 Red Sox 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/30 Orioles 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 10/1 Orioles TBD MLB.TV
Sun, 10/2 Orioles TBD MLB.TV


New York Yankees 2015 Schedule

Rk Gm# Date Tm   Opp W/L R RA Inn W-L Rank GB Win Loss Save Time D/N Attendance Streak
1 1 Monday, Apr 6 NYY TOR L 1 6 0-1 4 1.0 Hutchison Tanaka 2:59 D 48,469 -
2 2 Wednesday, Apr 8 NYY TOR W 4 3 1-1 2 0.5 Betances Loup Miller 2:56 N 31,020 +
3 3 Thursday, Apr 9 NYY TOR L 3 6 1-2 4 1.0 Norris