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Welcome to the page dedicated to the 60th Memorial Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral for George Herman "Babe" Ruth

Let me start by saying I was honored to be invited by Linda Tosetti, grand-daughter of Babe Ruth.  I had just gotten to know her several weeks before, along with her husband Andrew.  We had met at a book signing she was doing in my hometown of Center Moriches, NY.  I also got to speak to her on the phone several times as she was at a charity golf tournament a week later in Manorville, New York.  After speaking with her, I knew what a special lady she was and how lucky I was to meet her.  So when I got the invitation, I knew it was a day I could not pass up.  My mom and I ventured in from Eastern Long Island to St. Patrick's Cathedral in the middle of tropical storm Hanna.  We took the train in and out of the city.  The train ride in was great, the ride out....not so great.  A switching problem caused the train to go about 10 miles an hour most of the way home.  Lets just say it was a LONG ride home....but all worth it.  The day was special in so many ways.  Though not family, we really felt apart of the celebration and were glad to see the smile on Linda's and Andrew's faces.  They each did a reading from the bible, and a great job at that!  It was topped by having Ronan Tynan sign during the memorial mass.  He was amazing as always. 

Below are some pictures of St. Patrick's Cathedral.


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